8/9/13 Its been an amazing past month at Impact for our Jiu Jitsu competitors. On July 13th the team travelled to Broomall, PA to compete in the Goodfight's Philly Jiu Jitsu Championship. I am pleased to say our kid's placed 1st in NO-Gi, 2nd in Gi. Our adults placed 1st in Gi and 4th in NoGi. Team Impact was the overall team champion and received the competition banner as reward. There were over 60 teams represented at this tournament and Impact dominated the day!
Impact Martial Arts Millville NJ Tuckahoe NJ Upper Township NJ
On 8/3/13 Connor Dixon and Tara Dixon competed at NAGA's Battle at the Beach in Wildwood NJ. After a 5 year hiatus from competition and being back to training only a year, Tara Dixon dominated the Blue Belt Gi Division having no points scored on her all day. This is Tara's 3rd competition and she has NEVER had a point scored against her.

Connor's goal was to win the Teen Expert Divisions and he did just that! He won the Teen Expert Ultra Heavyweight and Absolute Divisions and the Teen Gi Expert Absolute Divisions. Connor also had no points scored on him all day.

On 8/4 Elija Gonzales (The BIG "E") competed in the kids beginner divisions and captured a 1st in gi and a 2nd place in nogi. Congrats to all!!!
11/9/2013 Team Impact travelled to King of Prussia, PA to compete in the Tournament of Champions. I am excited to say that team Impact won first place overall team, as well as Kids first in Gi, Kid's first in No-Gi, and Adult first in Gi. Awesome job team Impact! 1st out of 100 teams!
11/28/2013 As I sit here typing this on Thanksgiving day, I am thankful for all of our awesome students and parents at Impact. February will mark our 7th year in business and in that time we have seen many other martial arts schools come and go in the area. Tara and I do our very best to give the best training and experience at Impact possible. In these past 7 years, five martial arts schools have closed in the area. Some new ones pop up here and there. Sometimes in a busy location, sometimes in garages in someone's back yard. But no matter who and where a new martial arts school opens, I know our students can't find better training or a better training environment, or better coaches, or better students to train with. I have been teaching kid's martial arts for 10 years. I have calculated that I have taught about 1500 kids classes. In these 7 years I have taught almost 3000 adult classes. In 4500 classes you tend to learn a few things about how people learn and how best to teach every student. You can see by our success that our methods work. Our students have had UNMATCHED success in competition. I am confident that I can prove to anyone that we are the best choice for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction...there is no competition there. Others make claims, others may tell stories, but Impact members put it on the line and prove that they are the best out there. This year was a spectacular year for our students.
Again, thanks to all out students, clients, and parents for being so awesome! Dan
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